Snaps not working right


I've used intellicad for a few years now. I solid model and draft up 2D drawings. This last release I've noticed the snaps are not playing ball. If I work in shaded with edges for example and have a solid box modelled, I'll ucs three points and 9 times out of ten I can select the first point, the second point doesn't snap to the end point I'm drifting over but does snap to the other side of the block.

I'll switch to hidden view and it may work. Sometimes I have to switch again to another view type for it to work. Having to regen A LOT which sometimes helps.

Same issue with dimensions in the viewports,

Anyone else seeing this? I've added some images to see where the cursor is and where the snap is using different view shading
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Untitled.jpg (55.69 KiB) Viewed 1702 times