Several issues when using CMS Intellicad


I'm an IT support looking for help on CMS Intellicad, two of my users have reported me the following issues that make the software hardly usable for them.
I'm open to any suggestion that could help fix or tone down these issues.

Problems encoutered :
1. When selecting objects using the mouse, most of the time they are not correctly selected, it can take to up to 2 minutes before the objects are correctly selected (sometimes bugging the software and forcing the users to forcefully kill it from task manager):

Example here of selecting these items, they’re highlighted but not really selected for a minute or two:

Whereas here, they are actually selected:

2. A lot of the time when trying to “Save as”, the window to select the path does not pop up at all, this puts the software in a state where no interactions with anything is possible, unable to close, save or do anything else. This behavior was also seen when using the regular “Save”. This forces the user to forcefully exit the software using task manager, therefore losing all the unsaved work.

3. The users also experience very frequent software crashes that happen once every hour at times. These crashes can happen regardless of how heavy the workload is (although more likely on heavy workloads of course). The only thing that the software reports after a crash is when reopening, there is this crash report window:

On a side note, these issues are not caused by pc performance as usually when they happen the hardware (CPU/GPU) are fairly underused and still got lots of resources available.

I thank you for any help that you might provide,

Re: Several issues when using CMS Intellicad

Hi kazedka (?)

No need to appologise :)

CMS will make a charge for support, it's generally only free during the first year (from memory) and you appear to be running an old version.
It may be more cost effective to consider an upgrade? as you will then get free support?? :) also your issue may have been resolved in later versions.
This is for a single user:

i9-12900k / 64gb-3200 - NVIDIA GeForce TRX 3060 Ti 8Gb Windows 11 Pro