Intellicad 11 PE Plus Network 10 user license issue

The license key software running on the server sometimes stops and doesn't restart automatically. Our IT company have replied with the following, any help would be very much appreciated,
Thanks in anticipation of your help.

"The licensing software that Intellicad uses is designed as a regular program, not as a service.
Difference being, that on Windows devices, services have built-in capabilities to handle abnormal crashes i.e. multiple restart attempts and error logging
Regular programs on the other hand have none of these capabilities, so if they crash and kill their own processes, there's no auto-restart features.

Also, the licensing software runs within a user's profile, not as a background program.
Some software are able to run outside of a user's profile, meaning it does not rely on a profile to be logged in. The licensing software does not.
If the server reboots for updates, or us as admins log out of the profile that it's running under, it causes the program to close, and not re-open unless manually done so. There are licensing programs out there that do not behave like this, such as CodeMeter."

Re: Intellicad 11 PE Plus Network 10 user license issue

CMS NKLS License Manager is not a service, it's an application to manage a CMS IntelliCAD network license.
If the server reboots, then you'll need to sign in to Windows Server and restart CMS NKLS License Manager manually. Windows Server IP address should not change on system reboot. If it does then you'll need to manually run CMS NKLS Browser and propagate the new server IP address to each CMS IntelliCAD client PC.
If the IT manager would like to restart CMS NKLS License Manager on Windows Server restart and admin login, then such ITC manager needs to add a CMS NKLS License Manager shortcut to the the Windows server admin start-up folder.
Unattended restart of CMS NKLS License Manager can be done through a Windows admin login scheduled task on a Windows restart.
We do not provide dedicated support on these IT tweaks because CMS NKLS License Manager is intended to be monitored on restart.