How to register and transfer a license

ETOOLBOX CAD Viewer for Windows desktop requires license registration/activation. A license can be obtained for free at

After install and run, ETOOLBOX should prompt for license registration. 15 days trial period is available hitting the "Register later" button.

Use the license ACTIVATION KEY listed at the LICENSES webpage of

To transfer the license from a licensed system to another one, run ETOOLBOX CAD Viewer and click the "i" information button > manage license > insert the activation key > click DEACTIVATE button.


Re: How to register and transfer a license

I did this, the downloaded Intellicad 9.2 and installed it, but it does not work. First of all it didnt ask me for an activation key.
Despite of that I can open the program, and open some dwg files, but after I work on them and try to save or save as, the program crashes. Every time the same, I have uninstalled it and installed it back like 10 times. i even deactivated Norton AV thinking that it might be causing problems.

I am desperate, this is a working tool for me at my job....

what can I do?

Re: How to register and transfer a license

This post is related to ETOOLBOX Free CAD Viewer.

To deactivate the CMS IntelliCAD license you can find instructions at the download page of

Basically, it's very simply. At the licensed system (still running the CMS IntelliCAD license) you need to go to HELP > License Manager and then select "deactivate".
This action will release the license automatically to allow a new activation (at a supported system).

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Hi I have purchased a standalone license 11.xx PE Plus and the machine I was using at work crashed so I cannot deactivate the license.

Can you please help me as I have asked for help before to no avail.

I don't want to leave nasty google reviews but if you can't help then I need to warn potential customers that your support is not much good.

Regards John Correnti

Re: How to register and transfer a license

Hi, I just purchased the upgrade to 12PE+
I want to upgrade from the 2 seats 9PE+ on my old PC and on my tablet.

I deregistered my old PC via the license manager and reinstalled version 9PE+ on my new PC.
Now I can start 9PE+ on the new PC and when I look at "about" there is no user name. It just says "Product ID: No Limit. User ID: xxxxxxxxxx."

When I click on upgrade on the new PC, I get to the download page and there I downloaded and installed 12PE+.

By opening 12PE+ it asks to activate again, but the new system has already been activated?
Do I have to deactivate 9PE+ on the current system again?
There is no longer a product key. Do I have to use the product key from the old PC? The one from 9PE+ from 2019?

Re: How to register and transfer a license

So if I understand correctly, I would also have to remove the legal 2nd seat 9PE+ from the tablet to be able to use the new upgrade?
Can I purchase a second upgrade for the tablet as well?
Or is it possible to use the tablet as a second device with a dongle?
The tablet cover does not have room for a USB dongle, but it can accommodate a MicroSD card inside the tablet's case.

Re: How to register and transfer a license

No, you cannot just purchase an extra upgrade.
You can move the 9.2 license only if you're able to deactivate it at the latest system where such license was installed. Software and license needs to be running.
If you're getting a "no deactivation mode" notice, then such machine is NOT the latest system where such license was activated, and therefore it cannot be transferred.

With CMS IntelliCAD 12.1 PE PLUS licenses we provide users the option to convert a digital license in to a USB Flash drive serving as physical license to run our software.
In such case, you can install our software at any number of PC systems and run the software where the USB Dongle is installed.
That's provided for free to users running the latest version of CMS IntelliCAD PE PLUS software.

If you need to move the license, then just move the USB Dongle.
No activation or deactivation is required in this case.

Extra details on the USB Dongle Maker tool are printed here: ... ade-remote

Re: How to register and transfer a license

Can I cancel the upgrade purchase? or can I pay the extra for a full version?
For me the upgrade is a downgrade. I lose 1 of the 2 systems.
The deal before the upgrade was "Perpetual 1 User license running 2 Systems" with the possiblity to migrate as much as wanted.
I would have been better off buying a full version 12PE+.
Can I then get help to register te old PC again for 9PE+ on your license server?
Or can i use the credentials of before? I Saved them.

Re: How to register and transfer a license

Are you sure that after deregistering the latest system 9PE+ I can register again as it was?

I currently have both systems working.
Would be better off staying there then.
And keep the upgrade on hold until 2025 (the tablet still has Windows 10 and that will expire then)

Up to what year is the upgrade right with the upgrade I bought the day before yesterday?