Snap settings changed?

I normally use Icad with snaps set to end point, mid point & center.
Then add additional snaps during a command if/when required. When selecting the new snap (in the middle of a command) ALL of the original running snaps would be removed from the toolbar and be replaced by the new snap ONLY. Then once the new snap had been used the original running snaps would reappear.
see this video: ... 6bglp&dl=0

Until version 12.1 this worked fine, but not any longer.
Now when selecting a new snap, this is ADDED to the running snaps, and the snaps are NOT reset after the command.
see this video: ... vmfvg&dl=0

Is the setting for this that I can reset? as I prefer the old way.

i9-12900k / 64gb-3200 - NVIDIA GeForce TRX 3060 Ti 8Gb Windows 11 Pro