Running and testing Lisp routines

I am trying to use VS Code for lisp debugging, with no luck. I have installed the AutoLisp Extension for VS Code, but whien I try to debug. It prompts me in the top middle of the editor for a process to Attach to. I already have ICad runnimg (v12) so I select it from the dropdown list and nothing happens. It doesn't connect to ICad, doesn't debug (I have a breakpoint on the first line of code). Do I need to invoke the Lisp function from inside of ICad or VS Code?

Also, I am looking for the keystroke combination that will stop executing a running lisp function (caught in a while loop)...any ideas?

Re: Running and testing Lisp routines

I found an error message in VS Code (actually the AutoLisp extension) stating that it needed access to an executable to run in the CMS Intellicad folder called AutoLispDebugAdapter.exe, so I copied it from my 2024 trial of AutoCad, but still no go. I am wondering if I need to start that program manually? It didn't say.

At this point I am ready to write my own debugger in a dialog box with a listbox and a few buttons to allow you to single-line execute the lines in the .lsp file one by one.

For now though I include calls to a debug function that princs out the variable name and it's value while the lisp file is executing...handy, but not as good as a debugger.