Backup before upgrading

In the FAQ it is written:
“Before upgrading, MAKE SURE to back up all user interface/custom settings.”
I can't find in the Forum a procedure to save ALL preferences in a backup that includes every aspect: CUI, dwt, OPTIONS, layers, line types, etc.
Is anyone aware of this?

Re: Backup before upgrading

I don't know an automatic backup procedure.
I use the following procedure:

1) Open CMS intellicad and right click on the Ribbon, choose "Customize UI..." [or click on Tools -> Manage -> Customize UI] - Click on Transfer and save the current customisation clicking on the icon "Save As"
2) Make a copy of the folder %APPDATA%\CMS (this folder contains the various folders of the various CMS Intellicad versions you installed, including your dwt templates)
3) Type the command _SYSVARMONITOR (or Tools -> Manage -> System Variables Manager). From here you can filter the modified variables, export the variables (and later import the variables). Warning: pay attention to the path of the restored variable (e.g. when migrating from 12.0 to 12.1, change all the path accordingly during import)
4) Make a backup of your folder "CMS IntelliCAD12.1x64" in your "Documents" folder.
5) Use the the command _APPLOAD to get and idea of the LIST/script/applications that you configured for automatic startup.

You should then use the same steps indicated here above to restore the saved configurations back in your new CMS intellicad version.


Re: Backup before upgrading

Grazie, esaminerò la procedura e, se mi permetti, ti chiederò maggiori lumi se non capisco qualcosa.
Thank you, I will examine the procedure and, if you allow me, I will ask you for further clarification if I don't understand something.