Am I going MAD?? or have I just forgotten??

Ok, so I'm now running 12.1 PE+

Part of a lisp file I am working on is intended to rotate a rectangle by 90deg about the 'Y' axis.
Sound simple enough.
Here is the code, ENT_L1 is the object & 'rxl' is 225, with 'ag_l' being 90deg

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	(command "_Rotate3D" ENT_L1 "" (strcat (rtos rxl) ",0,0") (strcat (rtos rxl) ",500,0") ag_l "")

The result was not as I expected!
OK, so I'll draw a line to represent the rotation axis:

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	(command "_Line" (strcat (rtos rxl) ",0,0") (strcat (rtos rxl) ",500,0") "")
and this is the result:
line.png (30.24 KiB) Viewed 1140 times
Now I haven't use the '@' symbol so ALL dimensions/coordinates are 'absolute' not 'relative'.
So why does the line state at @0,0,0?

Command line:
Command: _Line
ENTER to use last point/[Follow]/<Start of line>: 225,0,0
[Angle/Length]/<End point>: 225,500,0
[Angle/Length/Follow/Undo]/<End point>:
rxl = 225
Command: '_PMTHIST

i9-12900k / 64gb-3200 - NVIDIA GeForce TRX 3060 Ti 8Gb Windows 11 Pro