Re: cms intellicad 9 drawings saved with errors

Hi Mike,
I can not help with the cause of your problem, but, there is no need to loose all of your work.

What is your Auto Save time setting?, in 'Tools' - 'Options' - 'Settings' ? I have this set to 15mins, so the most I would lose is 15 mins of work.

Then look at the next tab, 'Paths/Files'
Look at the 'Auto Backup' location, this is where the Auto-saved files are stored.
Look for the file named as per your drawing but it will be a '$SV' file (eg FRED.DWG would be saved as FRED.$SV), this can be renamed to a 'DWG' file and then opened.
You can then use SaveAs to save the drawing to a location/filename of your choice.