Updated Intellicad 11.1

I have today seen an update to download version 11.1 to my PC and to remove (delete/uninstall) version 11.0 (My originally purchased product) which had been working fine.
In creating a new drawing today with V11.1 I cannot give a layer a line type ie a hidden (dashed) line as opposed to a continuous line. I try to create the new line type but keep getting a message "unable to read file". I have reinstalled and done a repair to the download but to no avail. This seems pretty poor on a straightforward install. What can I be doing wrong or is there a setting I need to alter?


Re: Updated Intellicad 11.1

There's something that does not look standard at the installation you've done. Did you changed anything while installing our software?
Double check that you have a Documents\CMS IntelliCAD11.1x64 folder
There, you should see the "Linetypes" folder as you cans see here:
linetypes.png (32.87 KiB) Viewed 46992 times

Re: Updated Intellicad 11.1

Quiero aprovechar este hilo,

para instalar la actualización:
1. ¿debo desinstalar primero la versión previa existente? o lo hace el instalador de forma automática.
2. debo proteger la clave de activación de algún modo, o no es necesario, el software lo hace de forma automática.