"Out of Memory" Error Upon Loading 2D DWGs

Hey All,

This is new thing. I have been using 10.1 for many months and just now it's showing up when I load a new or existing dwg. I am also having trouble with the crosshairs not showing up and toolbars I have enabled do not show up within the new or existing dwg. Not sure if all of this is related to limited memory of if there is something else going on. I searched here but all I found was far beyond my expertise about Lisp etc.


Re: "Out of Memory" Error Upon Loading 2D DWGs

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your reply!

11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-1165G7 @ 2.80GHz
24.0 GB (23.7 GB usable)
64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

IntelliCAD Ver. 10.1 PE+ Stand Alone Lic.
Windows 10

The peculiar thing about this is, the error occurs only when opening/creating a NEW DWG or opening an existing DWG. I am only doing 2D and nothing to intense but the message still comes up right as the dwg is loading. After clearing the memory error, I can still load any drawing(s). In either scenario, my selected toolbars (Draw, Dimensions & Entity Snaps only). are not displaying even though they are select in the Toolbars check list.

I have a few DWGs that have a lot of splined lines, and I would understand if there were memory issues with them but, that does not explain upon creating a new dwg without a template or the other below issues.

Not sure if it's related or not but, I also have to enable the Command Line under Display, and the Cross Hairs (full screen 100%) also will not load. I can successfully enable the command line okay but, I have to fiddle around to get ANY cursor to show up in the drawing window and the toolbars to load but I am not sure how I am accomplishing that.

Is it possible that the last update broke something? If so, how do I roll that one back to see if that is the issue?

I have been an AutoCAD user from ver. 2.5-2000. So, I am not new to cad or cad applications. I was a CAD Network admin for years but I am a bit rusty, iCAD is great very minimal learning curve and I am really productive at this point. I am building a new home and I need to supply drawings to various county agencies and construction subs.

Any and all help is very appreciated!

Thanks for your help Steve,

Re: "Out of Memory" Error Upon Loading 2D DWGs

Hi Jody,
I only go back as far as Acd 2.6/7!

Well you PC sounds as if it should be ok, though you didn't mention the graphics card.
Do you have a separate graphics card or is the graphics integrated into the motherboard.

That said, for the type of drawing you are describing I suspect that may not be the issue.

How is the graphics set in Icad?
Have a look here: > viewtopic.php?t=1868 <

Have you checked the RAM for issues? just in case.