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I'm not sure what you want to extract but we can extract any object properties such as length, area, volume, the value of the text, and dimension ... using either AutoLISP or VBA (Visual Basic for Application), also .NET and IRX (API classes for IntelliCAD).

Please tell more detail if it is not private.

Quan Nguyen.


Thanks for the reply.
I would like to create the equivalent of the DATAEXTRACTION command of Autocad, Progecad, ZWcad, etc complete with wizard.
I could create the LISP (not in Autolisp, as Intellicad's Lisp is not compatible with it), but I was wondering if it was possible, as well as in VBA (which I have never used) there was the possibility of using BASE of LibreOffice or other software working with DXF codes



The DataExtraction is a complex command, it uses many dialogs inputting, and depending on the selected by the user it'll return different results.

The Lisp/AutoLisp is not a good selection to start, (making the dialog in Lisp is not easy).
And VBA was not upgraded for many years, it doesn't fully support new functions of the CAD these days.

So I suggest using IntelliCAD .NET API to start, it allows you to automate tasks such as creating and modifying objects stored in the database of a drawing file or changing the contents of a customization file. With the inheritance of the UserControl (Windows Forms/WPF) of Windows .NET Framework, we can be making almost the type of dialog inputting. It also supports importing the DXF file and integrating other Windows-based applications such as LibreOffice, OpenOffice ...

Please refer to the official document here:
IntelliCAD Help.png
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Many thanks
Despite what you propose to me is at a stratospheric level compared to my programming skills, I will try to deepen the concepts, just out of curiosity.
I would like, however, that CMS Intellicad implemented this command, perhaps offering it as an add-on at a price in line with that of the entire product.
Sincerely zac49