How to collaborate to the lang translation?

Hi ICAD creators,
I want to particpate to the translation of ICAD because I remarked a lot of errors in the french UI, please.
I am french architect 58 years old.
A soon if necessary.
Patrick Depoix

The command "Edition > 'Copier avec les coordonnées d'origine'" is incorrect!
Good: "Coller avec les coordonnées d'origine"

Re: How to collaborate to the lang translation?

Currently, translations are heavily coded in IntelliCAD code and this makes the translation work impossible for anyone other than IntelliCAD developers.
We are currently & actively working on providing the appropriate means for anyone to contribute with the language translations of IntelliCAD user interface.
We will post news about this as soon as possible.
We are aiming to get this long time issue permanently resolved so that future translation updates can be processed quickly.