Creating Tool Palette to Insert Blocks

I see this in the User's Manual:
Creating tool palettes and adding commands and blocks
Each tool palette that you create can contain any combination of tools that either run a command or insert a block.
To add a block to a tool palette
1 Open a drawing that contains blocks, or if necessary create and insert a block. For details, see “Working with blocks” on page 470.
2 Save the drawing. For details, see “Saving your drawing” on page 99.
3 Select the block in the drawing and drag-and-drop it to the desired tool palette.
I have standard blocks and details that I want to to insert from a custom palette, not the block explorer.
I can't "drag-and-drop" blocks from the drawing to the custom palette for insertion into other drawings. Is there a way that I am missing to make a custom palette with my standard blocks for insertion into my drawings?

Re: Creating Tool Palette to Insert Blocks

Sorry I can't help with your specific problem as I never able to customise the tool paletes.
So I have stuck with the old wa I did it for Autocad 9, Image menus like this:
This is my Hydraulic symbols, I have another for welding symbols (BS22553), another for RSA sections, electrical symbols....
All based on Image Tile Menus.