Re: AEC entities

I use intellicad 9.2 PE plus, and he commands wall,windows,doors.... in the command bar, it is written: This command could not be recognized "_WALL". Try Again.
and I can no longer use all the aec commands, where as I used them before.

Re: AEC entities

QuanNguyen wrote:
Wed Jan 27, 2021 5:47 pm
What version of IntelliiCad do you try to?

On IntelliCAD PE PLUS, the AEC entities as walls, doors, windows... work well.

I have IntelliCAD v10.0.1572.123806.PE.VC15.x64.CMS100a,
what are the AEC objects, please? Is it possible for me?

Re: AEC entities

QuanNguyen wrote:
Wed May 04, 2022 3:28 am
Please use Menu: Draw > AEC Entities to add AEC entities.
Ha yes you have the complete CMS PE+ version but me it's just :
CMS IntelliCAD 10.0.1572.123806 PE
I havn't AEC Entities in draw menu , it's why I didn't understand.

EDIT: I'm amazed at the price of the full PE+ version! Only $400 a.k.a. 379.90 Euro!!! Very cheap and powerful!
I will buy it soon...

Thks for your reply.