Another freebie

We all know that some of our clients/design team members refuse to use pc's and even worse, refuse to use email. They send you in disks and what happens, you can't read them as they are Mac disks (Well it happens to me, I dunno about you) pop over to and download GEMXPLOR.ZIP And I quote "With Gemulator Explorer, you can access and copy files from any Macintosh 1.44M floppy disk, Macintosh CD-ROM, Macintosh ZIP disk, external Macintosh SCSI hard drive, Atari ST formatted floppy disk, Atari ST ZIP disk, Atari ST formatted hard drive, and even disk image files."

Anyway, I hope you all find it as usefull as I do.


Michael John Smyth
Irish / UK Representative
Efnet Autodesk Users Group

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