IntelliCAD settings


I would like to back up my customized settings and options for IntelliCAD. Which files contain the program settings and options?

I have set up my own default drawing template with a saved viewport configuration, but every time I open IntelliCAD I have to restore the view. Is there a way to have a saved viewport configuration open automatically when my default drawing opens?


If you save your template as icad.dwg in the IntelliCAD directory then it will be used as the default drawing. This is usefull when you are the only one using the program.


I think I need to clarify my questions....

I created a default drawing template and changed the path that IntelliCAD uses for the defult drawing in the Options, Paths/Files. My default drawing template opens when IntelliCAD is opened BUT it does not open with the view that I saved, and I have to restore the view with the name of the saved view.

How do I get my saved view to open up automatically when the default drawing opens?

What files do I need to back up to retain all the settings and options that I have customized, so that if I have to reinstall IntelliCAD, or install on another computer, I don't have to change them all again?