Line placement

I am an experienced cadd user but have no experience with Autocad or Intellicad. How do I place a line by Bearing (ddmmss) and distance (decimal feet)? Also, can I start a line and tell it to end at a specified north & east coordinate?
Thanks in advance!


You need to change your Angular Units, I use ddunits to do this.

If set to D/M/S you can then pick your starting point and use the format of @5<30d40'22" to get a line that is 5 units long at and angle of 30D 40M 22S. The d is used to specify degrees, the ' mark specifies minutes and the " mark specifies seconds.

If you set the angular units to Surveyor's then you can enter bearings. The only difference from above would be that you would add the bearing itself. Pick starting point and then enter @5<N30d40'22"E.

Hope this helps.