Block Editor: "No Implementation"

Hi, I am a new user of IntelliCAD. I used the free trial over the December break to get acquainted and bought the full version.

During the day I work with AutoCAD 2018 (both 2D & 3D for 6+ years) and was looking for a reasonably priced substitute for use at home. Today I tried editing a few blocks that have been developed in AutoCAD, however, regardless of the block I get an error box pop-up that only says "No Implementation". I don't know if this is a system variable, but any help would be appreciated!

Re: Block Editor: "No Implementation"

You can send us one of your block samples for review, but looks like you're trying to edit a dynamic block and that's not yet supported at CMS IntelliCAD.
Should be noticed that such technology; the methodology for dynamic blocks creation; is patented by Autodesk, i.e., Patent US7860691B2 granted on Dec. 28, 2010.
Also beware that any other CAD application claiming to be able to create dynamic blocks will likely be in clear violation of a protected invention.

Re: Block Editor: "No Implementation"

Ouch, that's what I was afraid it might be...Thanks for the answer. I am definitely working with dynamic blocks, each one the result of around 15 hours of work and nearly 60 visibility states (I had to find a workaround for AutoCAD as well). I will have to do the work on my custom blocks at work then, Again thanks for the prompt response!

I'm sure that I will be asking more questions when I start converting my work LISPs to my home LISPs.