How to Get Rid of Dialog "Check for update"


I'm using an "9.2 Premium Edition Plus" version of intellicad, i want to get rid of the "check for update" dialog box.

I use intellicad to make automatic plan with .scr file.
And every time i make an update of intelicad, i have issue with some command. (small detail but 1 or 2 commands do not work exactly the same)
I just past to the 9.2 version in June, i don't want to debug everything again.

This dialog box is blocking intelicad. And i have to go clic "no" every other day...
How can i make intellicad, to not check for update ? How often come this dialog box?
I did't find any logic in the frequency of the appearance ...

i have already tried this 2 things :
viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1557&sid=68cdb52459 ... bcefffcdee
viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1845&sid=68cdb52459 ... bcefffcdee

I even tried to find something in the "System Variable Manager". But i coudn't find anything that stop de dialog box about the update......

Could someone help me please?

In advance thank you.