Intellicad not playing well with WIndows taskbar

Hi - I am using Intellicad 9.2 on Win10 Pro. I am working on a laptop with limited screen area so I keep Intellicad maximized and the Windows task bar hidden. With other apps I can move the mouse to the bottom edge of the screen to bring up the task bar, but this does not work with Intellicad. I can still get it to show by pressing the Win key, but then I get the whole start menu as well. [Solidworks and other graphics programs work ok with the taskbar when maximized.]
Several times when using Intellicad the opposite has also happened - the WIn taskbar is displayed and won't go away, even though "hide" is set. This is a problem because the bottom edge of the Intellicad window (and other maximized app) gets hidden behind the taskbar. The only way I can fix this is to go into Task Manager and restart Windows Explorer. I have had this problem before but it seems more frequent when Intellicad is running.
I have the feeling that there is something odd about how Intellicad handles the mouse when it is at the bottom of the screen. Maybe it needs to reserve one row of pixels at the bottom edge as a "do nothing" zone.
Thanks for any suggestions - MHW