ANSI dimension style

Hi - I recently purchased CMS Intellicad. Noticed that there is only an ISO dimension style available.
Is there an ANSI style hidden somewhere or downloadable?
I could create one but it would be tedious and I am not sure I would get all the details right.

Thanks - MHW

Re: ANSI dimension style

As far as I can track, CMS IntelliCAD default dimension style do not follow any specific standards.
At a blank drawing, I believe you can set the default dimension style with specific ANSI dimensions settings and then overwrite the icad.dwt default template (ore create a new one).
Each time you create a new drawing (NEW command) then such settings will be loaded by default.
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Re: ANSI dimension style

Thanks, I am mostly a Solidworks user these days, so have forgotten some of these details. But a couple of related question: Is there any way to copy dimension styles between drawings? Dim styles can be saved within a drawing, but is there a way to save them to an external file? Or copy from an external file?