Artisan Rendering (V8.2 PE): HOW to make high resolution file output?

Good day all. New comer to this forum. Recently upgrade to ver 8.2 PE, coming from V8.1 PE due to that good fact that Artisan photo realistic rendering was included in the latest version. I've been using it for quite a while and the render outputs are superb. IT was a step up or should i say, it was a big leap as far as photo-realistic render outputs are concern. Not saying that the existing Intellicad render is of lesser level, infact each has its own pros and cons. Most noticeable is the render time and output improved on my side in terms of faster turn around time and providing my clients photo realistic proposals. In my business, I also provide large format prints for my clients (i own and manage a large format print shop). In the process, I have some clients who needs photo realistic prints for billboards and large van warps (examples are prints of proposed houses with the rendered with photo realistic furnitures). What I noticed is that all the rendered output from Artisan would only range from 50kb to less than 200kb even for the "high" render setting . The picture output files would only equivalent to the size of around 5" x 7". Stretching that file into large format prints or billboard print will show the pixels (those jaggie stairtype lines of the figures that should be straight lines that softwares with anti-aliasings wanted to remove). I have read all the instructions including the HELP manual as well as experimenting all the pulldown menus, preferences as well as settings but it just limits me to a 200kb file. My only improvement which is still not that high resolutioned but I'm not sure it did help, I put the aspect ratio to full screen. On the otherhand, I can achieve even up to a 20 mb files using the the existing Intellicad rendering machine and tweeking the settings and preferences. My only let down for the existing Intellicad Rendering is that, it cannot achieve the photo realistic output no matter how I tried to fix and combine most of the settings. But the Intellicad rendering has the anti-aliasing feature that even if you layout the output for billboard purposes, the jaggie lines are removed, its just that the photo-realistic part is not there since I do not have control on the Shadow emmission and blending part.

Is there an add-on to further improve control or introduce anti-aliasing and then control the file output to increase the file size and then eventually improve to a higher resolution and be able to use the output for large format printing purposes? Am I missing something along the way? Thanks in advance. - Paul -