Offsetting splines

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Offsetting splines

Post by Shelley » Thu Sep 02, 2010 3:35 pm

I'm new to CAD, just trying to use the basic commands to develop some clothing patterns. My problem: I can't successfully offset splines. In some cases nothing happens. In others I get some really odd shapes. I need to be able to draw a seamline and then offset it by 5/8" for the cutting line.

I'm taking work done by someone else in AutoCAD and then editing it, and nothing happened. When I tried on drawings done completely on CMS, it drew lines, but they were only parallel for some of the segments. By the way, none of the plines cross each other or even have large bends.
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Post by BKT » Sun Sep 05, 2010 4:12 pm

Hi Shelley,

Splines may be harder to work with for what you want to do, since they probably won't respond the way you expect when offset. If you are working with splines from a drawing you received, see if converting them to polylines will work for you. If you are creating your own spline drawings, using polylines instead, or converting the splines to polylines, would allow you to do offsets.

My version (6.1) of IntelliCAD won't allow for polyline conversion as a function, so to test this, I created some splines and saved the drawing as "AutoCAD Release 11/12 Binary (dxf)" under File->Save As. When this is done, the splines are converted to polylines, since R11/12 dxf files won't allow spline entities. After opening the saved dxf file, the spline has been converted to a polyline which can be offset. The drawing can be saved back to a dwg when you are finished.

There are other ways of accomplishing what you want, but this is how I would proceed.

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Official Techical Support from CMS

Post by CMS Inc » Fri Sep 17, 2010 5:02 pm


You clearly confused the reply as an official reply from our tech. support. This is a free forum to all users.

This movie clearly shows PLINE OFFSET working with CMS IntelliCAD 6.6 STD:

You sales review at Google is therefore FALSE and Unacceptable, and clearly confirms you as "new to CAD". We welcome customers new to CAD, and for that we have dedicated CMS support to help.

If you were facing problems (source to be determined) you clearly were able to contact us using the official email for support.
We do not use phone support for customers that have not purchased the support pack. You have not purchased it.

That's published at the Support section on our main website, on the exact same place where you found the link to this forum.

If you have an issue with our software use our email for support. We've also sent you an email directly.

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Post by Accuright » Tue Apr 16, 2013 10:45 am

CMS, enlighten me, educate me, ban me for all I care, but just when did it become standard practice to tell the customer what is and what isn't acceptable as far as their opinion about your product goes?

Shelly CLEARLY asked a question about offsetting SPLINES, NOT POLYLINES.

I read this post because I've had hit and miss results offsetting fit polylines (iCAD 7.2), something that seems elementary in AutoCAD. Intellicad gingerly throws an "exception in geometry library" when offsetting some fit polylines.

I've noted high levels of defensiveness when it's stated that the software doesn't work as intended, and with something as high-level as a CAD environment, a steep learning curve is expected. But I wonder if this defensiveness is also trying to shadow unfinished parts of the software. Stuff that wouldn't be noticed by someone who would want a much cheaper CAD environment (cheaper than even, say, Adobe Creative, which might fulfill the same needs in some cases). I wonder if it is a method of strong-arming customers into purchasing a support plan that could prove useless if the code doesn't work as intended. Typically, when I see Customer Reps posting on forums, they will move mountains to make sure the customer is pleased and understands an available solution to their problem, instead of just turning their frustrations around and saying "no, you're wrong, we did this right, and you're frustrations are unacceptable."
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