I always had the idea when you bought Autocad, the price included some tuition.. and/or a book. It should at the price. Maybe that was just the good old days.


Go to Tools->Options and, in the Display tab, you have a button named "Right-click Action..." (inside the "Graphics Window" section). Click that button to set the action IntelliCAD will perform when you right-click the mouse.

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new question

Thanks for the help with the "mouse click". Now I need help simplifying my program. For Instance, when i draw a line i would like to be able to select the line command and type in the distance and be done with it. Right now i have to type length then type angle and then im done. Basically im trying to speed up production time.....The same goes with shapes. I would like to select the circle command and type in the radius and be done with it.

Can someone please help me with this. Thanks


I'm not sure if I understood well your problem. You want to draw a line just by specifying its length? If this is what you want, you can do it. After specifying the starting point and when you are prompted for the end point, you can specify a distance. The line will be created with that distance. Regarding the circle, you can't draw a circle just by specifying its radius. You will need to specify also the center point.


Hopefully I can explain my question better....I would like to draw a line by simply specifying the starting point and the direction, then tying in the distance and pressing enter. I would like to skip the step in which I have to select length and then specify the length. ( In a nutshell i would like to eliminate the menu that appears after specifying the starting point for a line)
As for the cirlce, I want to be able to select the center or starting point and then enter the radius and press enter and be done with it. Instead of selecting starting point, selecting diameter or radius, typing in radius, and then pressing enter.
I am basically trying to format my intellicad 7 to operate like intellicad 6.6 as far as basic drawing functions are concerned."Simplify and reduce time used on dwgs."

never mind

Sorry I have figured out the answer to my previous question. Please disregaurd the earlier post.

Hopefully the following is the final question that i will have....

When I go to enter the distance for a line, is there any way to set up the program to where i can just type in say (10') instead of having to enter (10'-0"). The program will not recognize my command unless i also enter in the inches


Type "Units" in the command prompt (or go to "Settings->Drawing Settings..." in the main menu) and open the "Drawing Units" tab. There you will find a control with the label "Change settings for". Select "Linear Units" and then select "Decimal" in the unit types and there you go!

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