scale block with atributes from VBA

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scale block with atributes from VBA

Post by georges » Sat Jun 26, 2004 3:54 pm

I use VBA to change the scale of blocks with 3 attributes (Tree symbol with Numbers, Species and Size)

'Public Function ChangeCadBlkScale
Public Function ChangeCadBlkScale(oEnt As IntelliCAD.Entity, dScale As Double) As Boolean
Dim oBlk As IntelliCAD.BlockInsert
Set oBlk = oEnt
oBlk.XScaleFactor = dScale
oBlk.YScaleFactor = dScale
Set oBlk = Nothing
End Function

In that function I use dScale to enlarge or shrink the block.

The entity to change (oEnt) is defined by the HandleToObject-method, where the handle is stored in an MS Access database.

'Public Function SelectCadEntByHandle
Public Function SelectCadEntByHandle(sHandle As String, oEnt As IntelliCAD.Entity) As Boolean
On Error Resume Next
Dim myDB As DAO.Database
Dim rstFromDwg As DAO.Recordset
Set myDB = Application.CurrentDb
sHandle = rstFromDwg!Handle
Set ThisDrawing = CadApp.ActiveDocument 'just to make sure ThisDrawing actually points to the current active drawing
Set oEnt = ThisDrawing.HandleToObject(sHandle)

On Error GoTo 0
If oEnt Is Nothing Then
SelectCadEntByHandle = False
SelectCadEntByHandle = True
End If
End Function

This works fine and in the drawing only the tree-symbol is changed. The text size of the attributes stays the same. Only when I explode the blocks, or when I need to change the attributes (in Autocad), the attributes-text is also shrinked or enlarged.
Is there another way in VBA (than oBlk.X ScaleFactor = dScale and oBlk.YScaleFactor = dScale) to scale the symbol part of the block without affecting the attributes-scale?

I hope you understand my problem / question.

Regards Georges
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