Make commnication from external applications

As i am new to intellicad, i want to know weather
1. I can communicate with intellicad from external application
2. My Intention is to modify 3d structure according to users input from external application, so how can i achieve
3.How vsta can help me in achieving this?

Please give any guidence to proceed further....

1. You can communicate to Intellicad using external applications in a variety of ways. For example, we use a program called SiteTopo to take elevation data from the cad file in .dxg format and create 3D contour lines for our drafts.

2. To send send commands from one application and have intellicad intercept those commands, I believe would require setting up Visual Basic routines to handle intellicad looking for and receiving said commands. Anyone here will have to know what external application you plan on using to provide furhter support.

3. Hopefully you mean Visual Studio Tools for Applications, not windows we'd be on the same page. VSTA will help you write the program that will handle the communication between intellicad and your other chosen program. You can write visual basic within intellicad, but it is limited to intellicad's object library. Basically, with VSTA, any code you write will be running independently from intellicad. So with VSTA you have the more powerful options of calling libraries, etc, from the entire system, but you'll have to probably write more code to handle all of it.

So, in my opinion, what you're proposing is totally doable, but the specifics about how to achieve it will require some more information and probably a bit more research to see if others have even attempted solving similar problems, which could give you a starting point. There may be an easier way to do what you want, so keep an eye open for alternatives...they may require, in the beginning, an extra step or process that's new to you, but could ultimately save you time.

best luck,

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