xdata questions

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xdata questions

Post by MikeC » Thu Oct 21, 2010 8:50 am

Is it possible to preserve xdata . I have a number of procedures that write xdata to an object, Example the first one assigns xdata as the object is drawn, others perform additional calcs and set the results as xdata. the issue is when additional set xdata is written the old xdata is cleared.

Example first procedure sets values xdata(0) and xdata(1)

second procedure calculation sets xdata(2)

RESULT: xdata (0) and xdata(1) are set to 0

thanks mikeC

Post by JCAMPOS » Thu Oct 21, 2010 10:12 am


What you need to do is to collect the xdata that might be already stored in the object into arrays, add new data into that arrays (you will need to redimension the arrays before in order to be able to add new data to them) and then set the xdata to the object using those arrays.

Here is an example extracted from the program's help (with a few changes):

Code: Select all

Sub AppendXData(ByVal AppName As String, ByVal DataType As Variant, ByVal DataToAppend As Variant)

     'Get the entity:
     Dim anObj As Object
     Dim pt As IntelliCAD.Point
     ActiveDocument.Utility.GetEntity anObj, pt, "Select an entity: "
     'Get its xdata:
     Dim xdataType As Variant
     Dim xdataValue As Variant
     anObj.GetXData AppName, xdataType, xdataValue

     If (vbEmpty = VarType(xdataType)) Then
          Dim tmp(0 To 0) As Integer
          xdataType = tmp
          ReDim xdataValue(0 To 0)

          'The first item in the XData should be a 1001
          'Code giving the app's name:
          xdataType(0) = 1001
          xdataValue(0) = AppName
     End If

     'Redimension the XData arrays, preserving their contents:
     ReDim Preserve xdataType(LBound(xdataType) _
          To (UBound(xdataType) + 1))

     ReDim Preserve xdataValue(LBound(xdataValue) _
          To (UBound(xdataValue) + 1))

     'Set some new data:
     xdataType(UBound(xdataType)) = DataType
     xdataValue(UBound(xdataValue)) = DataToAppend

     'Store the data:
     anObj.SetXData xdataType, xdataValue

     Set anObj = Nothing

End Sub
Then, if you need to add several xdata values to an object just do the following:

Code: Select all

Call AppendXData("MIKEC", 1000, "First value!")
Call AppendXData("MIKEC", 1000, "Second value!")
Call AppendXData("MIKEC", 1000, "And so on...")
Hope this helps!

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