VSTA in 7.2

I recently installed CMS Intellicad 7.2 and have been making use of the free evaluation period. I must say that Intellicad has come a long way since the last time I used it way back in 1998. I am impressed with it's improved stability and up to date features. I have been an AutoCAD user since 1991 and used to do quite a bit of Autolisp programming and some Visual Basic outside of AutoCAD. VSTA is not in the Tools menu after I installed 7.2, however VB is. Intellicad gives me this message when I manually use the VSTALOAD command at the command line:

"This version of IntelliCAD does not support Visual Studio Tools for Applications. Please install VSTA prerequisities and reinstall IntelliCAD VSTA feature."

Can I load the VSTA feature without reinstalling the entire program?