Unable to run TXTEXP within lisp (Runs fine outside of lisp)

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Unable to run TXTEXP within lisp (Runs fine outside of lisp)

Post by AJS » Sun May 03, 2009 3:20 pm

In the express menu, Intellicad has a text exploding function which is called by the command: TXTEXP.

If I try to call this command from within lisp, it doesn't work (My text dissapears)

The command works fine if I run it from the screen.

At first I thought that the command called a lisp that I could add into my current lisp but when I did a search, I couldn't find it.

I have a Lisp that processes dozens of parts for CNC. I recently added a lisp driven automatic text labeling feature but my CNC program will only read polylines and will not read text.

When I explode the text at the screen using TXTEXP, everything works great and the exploded text imports beautifully into the CNC program.

I'm really stymied by this; it's impractical to manually run TXTEXP for every part.

Does anyone have any advice for me?

Thank you
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