AutoLISP debugger for IntelliCAD

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AutoLISP debugger for IntelliCAD

Post by jmpoole1955 » Mon Jan 12, 2009 10:48 am

Hi everyone.. new to this forum
old school MEP engineer (HVAC, fire protection, plumbing & Electrical)
(i.e. - old dog trying to learn new tricks)

I have several AutoLISP files that work in AutoCAD, but only a very few work in my IntelliCAD Pro 6.5 by DP Tech or my ProgeCAD 6.4 when I try them.

My understanding is AutoCAD had a built in LISP debugger to find LISP problems.

Is there a LISP debugger add-on or stand alone for IntelliCAD that will execute line-by-line or point me to the line of code causing the error?

The IntelliCAD command/status bar or F2 Text Window doesn't give me enough specifics... just something to the effect lisp loaded & then "null function".

Also, with AutoCAD using ARX & VLX, several add-on programs that work in AutoCAD won't work in my IntelliCAD versions. Only a few developers, that I have found, are currently writing MEP software to work with IntelliCAD.

What's in the future for IntelliCAD programming? will they stay with LISP, SDS & VBA or move to, Visual LISP.. What about OpenDCL which works with AutoCAD but does not support IntelliCAD?

Thanks for your comments..

Post by JCAMPOS » Mon Jan 12, 2009 12:31 pm


First of all, welcome to the forum!

IntelliCAD doesn't have any AutoLISP editor or debugger. However, as long as your code doesn't have any of the Visual LISP functions (vl-, vla- or vlax-), it should work in IntelliCAD. You may have to make some minor changes because some commands may have different syntaxes or some LISP functions (few) are partially supported or not supported at all by IntelliCAD. You can find a LISP compatibility info in the Developers Reference (in IntelliCAD Help file).

LISP will be for sure part of IntelliCAD in the future as well as SDS. The new DRX, which is the equivalent of AutoCAD's ARX, will be present too.

OpenDCL is an ARX based application, so, with DRX, its developers will have an opportunity to support IntelliCAD too.

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