All commercial members download the same source code from the ITC when new code is posted. Then each individual company’s programmers begin working on bug fixes. We in turn contribute all fixes back to ITC towards the next release of code.

I have been an AutoCAD user since R10 but am relatively new to IntelliCAD so please excuse me if I do not know the exact bugs you speak of. I cannot speak for the other companies as I have only been exposed to our products but I can let you know where we stand. Also, please be aware that the free trial versions from any of the companies are always a couple releases behind the current version and may not include the most current bug fixes.

Our IntelliCAD LT & PE versions can do multiple undo/redo commands.

I have personally brought associative hatching from AutoCAD 2000 into our LT & PE versions and printed with no problem.

While I may not be aware of all the past problems with TTF the following may help. I do know on 8/22/00 the ITC posted a fix for underlined TTF. We have had the problem in the past of TTF text not displaying or printing properly when underlined. Our newest release will be available in approx. 10 days and I will try this fix immediately and let you know how it is working. I am also aware of a problem with TTF's that contain symbols instead of alphabets, such as UniversalMath1BT. At this time I am not sure if this bug is being worked on but will speak to our programmer and then post his answer. Currently, I have no problem with TTF'S such as Unicorn & VinetaBT in our program.

And lastly, but definitely not least, Solids. A few months ago there was a rumor that the ITC were trying to negotiate bringing solids into IntelliCAD. I have not seen any other statements since that time to know how the negotiations are developing. As soon as an IntelliCAD/3D Solids package would become available I am sure most commercial members will make that advanced level package available for resell to their customers. I may be wrong but I do believe the problem arises in the increase of cost that would have to be passed on to the consumer. I would be one of the first to let our customers know if we ever offer a solids package.

If these are not the exact bugs you are referring to please let me know and I will get answers for you. We have been a contributing member of the ITC for quite some time now but chose to delay coming to market until the majority of bugs were dealt with so that we could offer a quality product from the beginning. We will be aggresively hitting the market within the next three weeks and hope to continue to be a major contributor to the advancement of this product.

I thank you for posting on our forum and hope you continue to do so. Valuable input from users such as yourself is what is needed to help IntelliCAD grow. I would like to see our company develop a CAD package from the need of our customers.

Melodie Triche
Technical Support & Training
CMS, Inc.


I have to apologize, I believe I read through your questions to fast and mistook your question concerning solid hatch for associative hatch. I did try the solid hatch out in our program and I think I know what bug you were referring to.

It seems if you have a black background and use solid white hatch the hatch does not print or plot. As I am not quite sure what has been discovered about this bug I will only list my steps and what I have found out. I am sure most of this has been figured out already but please hear me out and let me know if I am correct.

I checked the Fillmode and it was on. I then tried a donut and it printed fine so I know it is not a problem with that sysvar. I could not think of any other variables that may control solid fill besides textfill, I even checked that. ( You never know) The only other thing I could think of was possibly a bug in reading the background and object colors. Technically we are drawing in reverse colors when we use a black background, although it has been my experience that most people do prefer the black. So I changed the background to white and when I printed again my solid hatch printed out nice and black. I then tried various colored hatches and they seem to print out fine with either background. So it seems to be a definite problem in the translation that white prints out black and black does not print. That’s about all I have figured out about it at this time but I’m sure you already knew this much. If there is more to this bug please let me know. I will speak to our programmer to see if this bug has been fixed in the latest release. If it has not, I will pass on the information I found to him about the background color problem and see if that helps narrowing down the problem. In the meantime when plotting or printing the background color will have to be temporarily changed to white.

As I mentioned before, we plan to have our latest version out shortly and I have not yet had a chance to try it. We had not anticipated activity on our site for approx. another 3 weeks and planned to have everything updated by that time. Please don’t mistake me though, we are thrilled at having new members and hope you continue to visit us. We just ask that you have a little patience with us for the next few weeks. There is always a million things that pop up at the last minute.



Is there a bug list somewhere?
I have had trouble with trim command in certain inexplicable cir***stances. While merrily trimming parallel lines on a pline I find it suddenly stops working, or starts trimming the wrong end. Transfer to AutoCad shows it will work correctly there. I'm not sure if this is really a bug or just a pain. Hence my interest in a "known bug list".