I have a tutorial (it is vey much a work in progress at the moment) available for download from my site: http://www.thedraftingshop.com/files/In ... ialpdf.zip - pdf version
http://www.thedraftingshop.com/files/In ... torial.exe - word 2000 version

As I said, it is a work in progress, and I have not actually sat down and worked my way thru it fully to iron out bugs. Any input on things that do not work or Autocad terms used in it is appreciated.

Michael John Smyth
Irish / UK Representative
Efnet Autodesk Users Group www.eaug.org

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I would be happy to download your tutorial and try it out. I have been an AutoCAD Instructor for almost 7 years and can usually spot where beginners may have problems. We also have plans to post tutorials on our site in the very near future. The first one, on Model Space/ Paper Space, will be posted soon. I have been considering adding another forum for that purpose. That way others, like yourself, may wish to post their tutorials also which would be a great benifit for everyone. Please let me know what you think.


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By all means download and try my tutorial. It is not fully "Intellicadised" - now theres a new word for the dictionary - yet as I adapted it from an Autocad tutorial.

As for you other propsal, I think it is a good one, also and area for hints and tips, not only tutorials would be good.

Michael John Smyth
Irish / UK Representative
Efnet Autodesk Users Group

Icad, Dimtext

I am a 2d drafter and i am forced to use acad r14. I am trying to use icad as much as possible so that at some time in the future i can make the switch. I am wondering what can be done to make the two closer together in the following areas:

Associative leaders (move the text the leader follows)

Dimension text scaled to paperspace

entity, object snap indicates which point will be snaped to.

Any information in regards to workarounds or partial solutions will be greatly appreciated.



Currently I have heard of no plans to implement associative leaders. I personally dislike having text attached to a leader. I do like associative leaders though. What I mean is that all of the parts of a leader are one entity. The basic infrastructure is in place in IntelliCAD that shows leaders, so the command is not too far off. There is a problem showing Leaders with a spline and I think that is why they are not used to create a leader by default. For now I always create my leaders in AutoCAD and copy them into the drawings I need them in inside IntelliCAD.

What do you mean by dimension text scaled to paperspace. Do you know that dimension text has a comprehensive scale factor?

I can say that I know some members of the ITC are hard at work on the snapping cursors. We should see something at the ITC by the end of the year.

I hope this helps you out a bit. Maybe a clearer description on the Dimension Text scaling issue would help me to answer you better.

David Trotz

Thx dave for your response. I am glad to hear about the esnap thing. I guess what i am after in the dimscale thing is dimensioning. I have several 100s of drawings using paperspace and having the dimensions in ms but they are scaled to appear correctly in paperspace. (boy this even sounds confusing) I will describe the efforts in acad:

Make structures in ms.

Insert title block and border into paperspace.

Make view port.

Determine scale use the xp zoom to set the ms zoom.

hit ms to have port in ms port open in paperspace and add dimensions, which show up in paperspace as 3/32" but are in ms.

Now when i do the above in icad i get the dimensions but they are minute do to the xp scale. If there is a way to work around it please help me. Please explain what you mean by a comprehensive scale factor. To tanget a bit, I have read the discussions at cadopia about the the use of paperspace. I am all ears for methods on how to avoid its use please explain your position.

Additionally have you heard anything relating to the enabling snap in paperspace to recognize those items visable in ms?

thx again,


I understand completely what you are doing, I do it everyday at work.

Everything I draw is at 1:1. I then go into paperspace and create a floating viewport and set it's scale.

Then I go into modelspace and dimension.

Here is the key to dimensioning. Set all of your settings to their 1:1 counterpart. Meaning set text that should show as 3/32" to 3/32". and arrowheads that you want to be 1/8" set it to 1/8". Sounds simple enough, right.

Now set the comprehensive scale factor to, to the scale factor of your viewport (i.e. 1/8" = 1'-0" is scale factor 96). The comprehensive scale factor is set by typing setdim and going to the tab labeled "units". Under scaling on that page you will fine the comprehensive scale factor.
It can also be set more easily by typing dimscale and typing in your scale factor.

Next it is important to keep all of your dimension styles separate. I do so with a naming scheme that I learned at my job. I attach the scale factor to the end of the dimension style name. (Example Romans-48, or Romans-192 etc.) This makes it easy to track all of your dimension styles. Basically all of your dimension styles should be the same just your scale factor will change from one to the next.

Let me know if this helps.

>Additionally have you heard anything relating to the enabling snap in paperspace to recognize those items visable in ms?

No, I have not heard of any talk to do so, although that would be nice.

David Trotz

Hey, thanks a lot dave. Correct me if im wrong but acad r14 has a box that can be checked to scale the dimensions to paperspace. It appears that this is not implemented in icad2k.

I have considered what you have told me and i have an idea.

Currently i have a menu setup to control the xp zoom for my drafters, i could add a set of commands such as e. g. 1/8"=1'-0" z;0.0104166xp;dimscale;95.999;
This would kill two birds with one stone. If see anything wrong with this please indicate it.