MText, and UNDO, and compatibility

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MText, and UNDO, and compatibility

Post by nicolino » Sun May 21, 2006 10:46 am

Hi All
1- why I´m allways have Mtext,begining wiht 1, even when I set to 10, even in the atributes, it is set for Text, not Mtext.
2- is there any way of understanding why some times the undo just forget the last commandas and just perform zoom out?
we are trying to migrate from autocad, but it is very unstable in the settings and every time we have to set the thing on. it´s difficult to dialog with other offices that are using Autocad, for instance the HVAC or structure people? becouse every time the fle is open there it lost their configuration, and when they re-send back to us it´s is another huge work to reconfigure?
is that allways like this?
sorry for the doubts.
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