Odds and ends...

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Steve Owens
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Odds and ends...

Post by Steve Owens » Tue Oct 18, 2005 1:01 pm

Howdy -

I'm along-time ACAD user, trying to understand many of the customization differences between ACAD and ICAD.

I have the following questions and/or observations and would be delighted at any feedback I can get.

1- The "UNDEFINE" command (at least in a .LSP file) seems to work, but I always get an error message.

2- I notice that if a BLOCK is created on layer 0, INSERTed on another layer, and layer 0 is then FROZEN, this BLOCK becomes 'invisible' to OSNAP picks!

3- Forward references in LISP apparently are not allowed. In other words, I cannot call a user-defined function until AFTER it has been defined using (defun).

4- I have been unable to use any (menucmd ....) with the P0 menu. For example (menucmd "P0=*") is ignored, as are all of the other ones I have tried.

5- Whoever decided to store the current .ICM file in the registry should have his head candled.

For the money, ICAD is a vastly better value than ACAD. ACAD has its virtues, but cost-effectiveness ain't one of them! Besides which, I sent an email to ICAD support and was actually answered - these things are unheard of in Sausilito...
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