I have never seen this one. Are you trying to run this on your linux box? If so that may be part of your problem. OLE stands for Object Linking and Embedding. It is the way that windows links or embeds documents inside of another document, like a word document inside of an IntelliCAD document or visa versa. Do you have any more information on this error?

David Trotz

"Are you trying to run this on your linux
box? "
guilty!, i'm sure it's a wine issue.
i don't have a windows box to play with or compare. I have not given up, just wanted to learn a little more before i started changing things. the message reads "OLE Fehler" and is followed by "80040154"
the xterm is yeilding nothing. that's where i've been getting most of my feedback for fixing bugs.

all help is appreciated

My best advice is to go to the WineHQ web site and contact the technical support staff there. If you can get some idea of what the error is maybe I can help you get things patched together. It is strange that the CMS version does this to you and not the CADopia version. Must be something that is new in the IntelliCAD base source code.

David Trotz

that would make sense.
the caopia freebie is older.
several have said that they could not get the brisknet(newer) version to work with wine.

i may be introuble