All IntelliCAD websites state that TTF are supported. There has been great improvements in getting the TTF's to work in IntelliCAD but I agree there is room for even more improvement. There is a new release to be made available very soon and I am anxious to see what they have done in this area. It has always been one of the top priority bug fixes that programmers have been concentrating on. Any improvements made on any of the bugs still in IntelliCAD are sent back to the Consortium and are then redistributed to all vendors when the next update is released.

If you would like to list exactly which bugs you are refering to I will let you know if they have been corrected.


PLOTIT! Rock Solid, Batch Plotting for IntelliCAD

Attention IntelliCAD Users,
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PLOTIT V7.15, the most powerful batch plotting software available, new features:
1. IntelliCAD 98/2000 compatibility.
2. Coordinated list ordering, copies, and collate options.
3. Layer manager support for AutoCAD R13-2000I and all versions of IntelliCAD.
4. Many Other improvements in functionality and compatibility.

PLOTIT! The answer to all your plotting needs! PLOTIT! is a comprehensive plotting system designed to take ALL the work out of plotting. Not only can PLOTIT! batch plot, collate, make multiple copies, and track plots, it sets layer settings, layout/space, extents, viewports, views, runs Lisp/Ads applications, and stamps drawings, all prior to plotting each drawing! After all, if you have to open each drawing and set it up to be plotted, like most batch plotting software, why not PLOTIT!

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