acad v intellicad when printing

I have inserted photo's into my intellicad drawings, which print just fine. However when I try to print the same drawing in Acad the photo turns up side down. The print preview in Acad is correct, but it will not print as it should. Printer works just fine with everything else. AS I send drawings drawn by Intellicad to people with Acad this is a big problem for me. Any Ideas???


Intellicad is available as a free download to Acad users. They can install Intellicad on their computers free of charge and print your drawings without the need for Acad.

It appears that you are not using the Raster Image capabilities that the Professional Edition of IntelliCAD uses.

Did you use the Insert Object (INSERTOBJ) command? This command inserts images as OLE (Object Linking and Embedment) Objects. This Microsoft Technology allows you to insert any number of "Objects" (Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, tiff images, etc. etc.) into an IntelliCAD or AutoCAD drawing.

If you used this command rather than the IEIMAGE this would explain your problem. AutoCAD (at least r14) will always print OLE objects with the orientation you inserted it. So if the image is inserted right side up and the plot is rotated 180 degrees the image is not rotated with the rest of the sheet and the image prints upside down.

Perhaps, it might be helpful to ask them if they are rotating the plot in AutoCAD. Our office does this to trick our plotter into giving us a binding edge on the left side of our sheets. If this is the case you might want to tell them not to rotate the plot or upgrade to an edition of IntelliCAD that allows image support and attach your images that way. I find OLE Objects too limiting for raster images, and with the above mentioned behavior too unreliable. Raster Image support will give you more control over your images, and they rotate with the plot.

For me, if I had to tell my client that they had to use IntelliCAD to print my "AutoCAD" drawings would be embarrassing to say the least, so try this first before implying the download.

David Trotz

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