IC5 Demo: Initial Observations

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IC5 Demo: Initial Observations

Post by jwboom » Mon Nov 22, 2004 6:00 pm

1. I have opened AutoCAD 2004 files and found some (non-titleblock) text dislocations -- the text used true-type fonts. (I had noticed this happening in AutoCAD R14/2000 drawing titleblocks when using the previous IC4 Demo; now the titleblock text doesn't appear to be dislocated with IC5, just other text.) When the 2004 files were saved-as AutoCAD R14 and opened in R14/2000, other text anomalies appeared.

2. Loading of AutoCAD 2004 files with a fairly large number of objects was slow, and screen display regens (after a zoom, pan, etc.) were agonizingly slow. The same drawings when saved as AutoCAD R14 and opened in AutoCAD R14/2000, were not slow to open or regen.

Regrettably, the above makes using IC5 on AutoCAD drawings very difficult. I'm no programmer, but I suspect item 1 above can be fixed; I'm not so sure about item 2. If these problems are not IC5's but instead some kind of "operator error", please let me know.
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