Can't Join Plines

I can't figure what's happing, though I'm following the help file instructions directly.

I type "EditPline" then Join, then select the lines i need to join and hit enter, but nothing happens. What am I overlooking.



I have the same problem and suspect rounding calculations on the end points of the entities that are to be joined.

The reason for my comment is that both the entities must have the same points to allow them to join.

I overcome the problem by selecting each entity and selecting the handles twice at the join to force the ends to snap to the same point.

John Finlay

If you are doing a Pedit on non polylines, and are prompted to change the line to a polyline..then I can explain WHAT is happening and how to work around it..I just cannot explain why it happens. When a "Line" is converted to a "Pline" it's Z co-ordinate gets changed. which means that the lines can no longer be joined. Right after converting the first line to a Pline, do a "Move" select the new Pline with an endpoint snap and move it back to the line to be joined to. All other selections will remain in place and the Pline can continue to be joined to untill you have a closed Pline (If so desired). Be aware that the same thing tends to happen when doing fillets and chamfers to Plines if they are not in the WCS default plane.