Release date

It is stated in the CMS FAQ page:
"The Free IntelliCAD version will be the current free release of the ITC, also available on their web site..."

The date of the icad.exe file (07/06/00) that is in the current free release indicates the above statement is not true at the moment, since the current ITC source is from august. Will you be posting an update anytime soon?


Welcome Avaernes,
Yes, we will be posting our newest free version before the end of the month. As you know our site is brand new and we had not anticipated any traffic for another 3 weeks. We must have gotten in a search engine early. Also, please understand that we take our free version and make a few minor improvements before posting it for our customers. As an example, sometimes the help files do not work properly and we prefer to fix that before posting. I am told that we also need to add a few files so that the version will work in all the Windows formats we claim we support. In the future we should be posting new versions approx. every 2 months and will make it a point to keep a close eye on it so that we offer only the latest and greatest. I do apologize if this has caused any problems. You see, you kind of caught us with our pants down.


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Speaking for those of us that use and love Icad2k free version could you please provide some form of indication as to the current source used to make it. I was hoping for something as simple as a note on home page associated with the free download statement.



I received the beta copy of IntelliCAD PE from CMS last night. I am quite impressed with it as a whole. The build I am testing appears to be the CVS version from the ITC's commercial CVS at the ITC and is more up to date than the newest source code dated 11/30/2000; Not by much but it is.

Plus CMS has really put some finishing touches on this product, I am quite impressed, they haven't just compiled the source code and then published it. I cannot go into any details until it is released, but it will be worth the wait.

David Trotz

circle command

When using the circle command I input the center of the circle, enter "d" for diameter, when I input the diameter from the keyboard and hit enter Intellicad fv tells me I need to select a second point or enter a distance.
This is not a problem when entering the radius.