I do not see any obvious ways to do this. I am not sure but doesn't the settings stay the same from session to session once you set them, either by importing a pcp or setting them manually, until they are changed?

David Trotz

I believe David is right about the settings being the same from session to session.
I suppose your point must be to read in and restore a default plot setup, to disregard any changes made to the setup in previous sessions. If so, there is a way to do it that does not involve the pcp file.
First, load the pcp file, send a dummy print to make sure the settings are saved to the registry.
Close Intellicad.
Start regedit.exe (from Start>Run)
Now, locate the active plot configuration key. If you have more than one Intellicad installed, I think they may differ. For my CMS Intellicad the active plot configuration key is HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Visio/Intellicad/Config/plot
Select the key, save it to the Intellicad installation dir as plot.reg.

Open Icad.lsp. If it does not already autoload doslib4.dll, it needs the following:
(if (not dos_regset)(xload "doslib4.dll"))

After this line, paste the following:
(dos_exewait (STRCAT "regedit.exe /-s " "plot.reg"))

This restores the plot setup each time icad.lsp loads.

NB! Do NOT use this method to restore toolbar settings, menu settings et.c.

That is a great workaround! However it should be stated that the doslib4.dll needs to be obtained. I believe the link is on one of these threads. Also users unfamilar with hacking the system registry should only proceed if they feel confident to do so. A corrupted registry is a dead machine.

David Trotz

I do not recommend saving/restoring toolbar registry keys because:
1) It does not seem to work.
2) It did on one occasion damage my Intellicad installation, so that Icad wouldn't start.

My unqualified guess is the toolbar definition is not saved only in the toolbar key. Unless you can find this other location, it does not work to just restore the saved key. Perhaps someone who knows their way around the Intellicad source code can locate it?

I agree with avaernes. I used to restore my toolbar settings this way from one machine to the next. I ran into a peculiar problem of files not being deletable from within the windows explorer. It would crash the explorer each time I would try to delete the files. I believe this strange and erratic behavior is the reason toolbar exporting was never implemented. But I am sure eventually it will be. I do have a file on hand from John Finlay. It will export toolbar settings. Currently it only works with CADopia's version. As soon as CMS releases their version I will change the code and see if John will let me distribute it.


A pleasure to meet you on this forum.

I sent my VBA ToolBar code to Japan and they are using it for their ICAD version. Feel free to alter and post as you wish.

John Finlay

Since John is OK with it, as soon as I get my copy of IntelliCAD from CMS I will be modifying the application to work with IntelliCAD CMS.

David Trotz

You can save your drawings as any version when using SaveAs and select the filetype.

On the other hand you can program an automatic save in another file version. If you have an ICAD version with VBA on board there is a Sub:

Sub SaveAs(SaveFile As String, [Version As FileVersions = vicVersionR14])
Member of IntelliCAD.Document

the options vicVersion??? will allow you to save in all versions that can be selected manually. ie for version 10 use vicVersionR10 in the macro.

I don't think Lisp has this capability.

John Finlay