XRef clipping, Solids & ArchT

Just passing along some information...

In my last meeting I was informed that the next update from the ITC will include Complex Linetypes and XRef clipping. I know I have gotten a number of emails concerning XRef Clipping and am thrilled that it has finally added. Hopefully we will see this soon.

I was also told that the ITC has reached an agreement with Spatial Tech. that will allow IntelliCAD to begin work to support ACIS Solids. I know there are many people interested in seeing solids supported in IntelliCAD 2000, including myself.

There is also word that there may be a signed agreement in place soon for ArchT. I knnow this has been in the workings for quite sometime but it now appears to be quite a bit closer to being finalized. I have used ArchT myself and feel it is a superb Architectural package.

I honestly have no set dates as to when any of the above will be implemented but thought you may like to be aware of what is coming in the near future. I personally am very excited by this news.