Is it possible to convert a license from one consortium member's product to another?

Can I convert my Progecad license to a CMS Intellicad license and stop using the former while enjoying the latter?

Some years ago, I used and fell in love with an early, free version of CMS Intellicad. That version only worked on XP or something really old like that. Last year, I decided to license a new version of your software, and somehow stumbled across Progecad (another member of the consortium), and now own a perpetual (i.e. forever, single payment) license to that product. When I bought that license, I truly thought you had changed your name and/or were somehow no longer in business. I have not been happy with Progecad's UI and the lack of good (read native English) and current documentation the few times I have used it since then. I now plan to use it more extensively and while searching for documentation, found you guys (again) and suddenly realized my folly. Your user interface, while of course similar to Progecad, is far superior, and mirrors more closely what grew used to and was so fond of using, those many years ago.

So with that background, I will again ask, can I convert over without paying for a new license all over again?