No 3D objects suddenly!

Yesterday everything was working fine, today I have no 3D objects! Whether I draw new objects, spheres, boxes, extruded polylines or load in a previously made 3d object, they will not show up! If I draw a sphere then LIST Last, it will display in the text window that it is there, but I can't see it. I rebooted my computer, I tried all 3 GRAPHICSCONFIG choices, turned on/off 2d/3d anti-aliases, tried all the VSCURRENT choices, eg Realistic, Hidden, Wireframe. Please advise on how to fix this!
Using Intellicad PE Plus downloaded about 2 months ago, 10.0.1462.118177.PE+.VC15.x64.CMS100a & Windows 10 on HP Spectre 360.
Thank you,
32+ years using Autocad, wanting to fully learn iCad and share my knowledge of applicable crossover info from Acad.