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Jim Watts
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Exploding fonts

Post by Jim Watts » Sun Oct 29, 2000 7:39 pm

I need a font or style that can be exploded in order to work on a CNC engraving machine.
Is there one available or an easy way to use the fonts supplied with Icad?
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Post by avaernes » Sun Oct 29, 2000 11:07 pm

Jim Watts
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Post by Jim Watts » Sat Nov 04, 2000 5:19 am

Is there a font are drawing with exploadable letters on the market that can be either loaded into Icad are put into a drawing as a block then exploaded?
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Post by R.J.Saarikko » Sat Nov 04, 2000 8:56 am

The only CAD that I know of that implimented
characters with special "block" was GenericCAD.
Icad and Acad use compiled shape definitions
(SHX) files which can't be exploded directly.

I had placed the GenericCAD-style font support
on a wish list a long time ago. That implimentation
allowed fillable fonts as well as SHX-style
and you could create new fonts by simply drawing
them...Much better than the ACAD system.

This is one area where Icad could part ways
with Acad.
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