Solid editing VS Rendering

I am seeking opinions on possible future changes for our PE version of IntelliCAD. So here is the question:

If you had a choice between the current rendering package that we are using or having a solids editor and viewer which would you choose?

We are also looking to find a good rendering program that could be used outside of IntelliCAD. Possibly something with a more varied materials library and more rendering options. Any suggestions?

The current rendering package does a good job, it is fast, however, in order for it to be "useful" for what I do it would need to be able to change individual entity material properties etc. I currently use trueSpace for rendering.

I think it would be very beneficial to have a solids editing package. This would be very helpful to construct objects in IntelliCAD and then import into rendering program.

My choice would be for a solids editing package.


Any type of 3-dimensional drawing without solids much more dificult. Rendering is fine, but as long as I cannot create solids, I will not do any three-dimensional drawing in Intellicad anyway, so the rendering program is not useful for me.

My vote is for Solid Editing.

Michael Röck

two of the best rendering engines out there are and if intellicad could export to either pov or rib formats then you could work to one of these.
rib(renderman interface bitstream)is one of the most common formats handled by render engines. there are a number that can handle rib that are both free and commercial.

Hello friends!

Well, this is my point of view:

I've worked 3D models specially in the architectural field. I've used AutoCAD, Vectorworks and lately, IntelliCAD.

I always, as far as I cand, avoid the use of solids (in ACAD), because it turns the files soooo big. Sometimes when is necessary to use solid modelling, is useful to get the model and turn it into mesh.

I've become able to make "solids free" 3d models.

In the other hand, rendering is very useful to me, but as I tell you, is in the architectural field. I need more materials, textures, omni lights, spot lights, sun simulator, vegetation, etc.

Well, as DWG and DXF users, we have the advantage that every renderer is compatible with our models. And there are very good ones out there that are affordable. One that I've tested and accepts DWG directly ir Art-lantis.

So, for me, is more useful rendering, but I think that for the most of the people, is more useful the solid modelling.

Thanks to Melodie for making our opinions count.

The Lack of a ACIS solid editor is a real break in the choice of ICAD vs ACAD2002
in our society.
For the moment we only use ICad demo as a curiosity.
The technical level of our products does'nt
need expensive programs like PRO ENGINER or
INVENTOR.I can send you ACIS renderings of my own work whith Acad 2000.
I know that Acis generates BIG files but its not a problem fot todays PC.

The must in Rendering and animating programs
are MAYA , LIGHTWAVE and 3DSMAX.Whith a preference for the last.
You can find on A Freeware version of 3DSmax called GMAX, that support
Multimaterial, UVmapping, UVwrapping, animation and more.It can import 3DS or DXF mesh.
This is the Game devellopping oriented version of 3Dstudio, only the graphical renderer is disabled.
It's not a problem. Like 3DSTUDIO, GMAX has Import and Export plugins capabilities .You can easily create an export plugins for a external graphical renderer like POVRay the best freeware renderer around.

Best regard

Deleporte Pascal
Design and R&D engineer

Nb:Sorry for my poor Englich