IntelliCAD Quirks........


I've recently returned to IntelliCAD and I think its improved nicely since the 2000 version.

However, i've just a couple of issues i'd like to share: -

1/. Toggling esnaps - in ACAD, F3 is used to toggle the ESNAPS on/off. I got very used to this and in its absence from ICAD, I wrote a lisp routine that +/- 16384 to the sysvar "OSMODE". Although it works well, I just wanted to hear if anyone else had done it another way?

2/. Dragmode bug? - in ACAD, I think this is always set to AUTO. In ICAD, having this set to AUTO prevents enabling ORTHO and initating the required direction of a MOVE by dragging the pointer in the required direction and entering the units of displacement. Of course setting DRAGMODE to OFF means you cant see the entity etc whilst under a dynamic move process. Therefore to get around this I wrote another LISP routine that ties in the DRAGMODE sysvar to the ORTHOMODE sysvar. When ORTHO is ON, DRAGMODE is set to OFF and with ORTHO OFF, DRAGMODE is set to AUTO. If works fine apart from is you toggle transparently.

3/. There seems to be a problem when using ESNAPS to say perform a MOVE or COPY of an entity with ORTHO ON. IF I pick and item at say (0,0) and pick the new position to be say (10,10) via an ESNAP, the newly position entity seems to ignore the ESNAP and the ORTHO takes precidence. This results in the entity being located at (10,0). I think I have had it behave properly (where the ESNAPS take priority). Might have been before I implemented the DRAGMODE/ORTHO lisp routine.... hmmm....

4/. Finally, in ACAD, there is an option to have keyboard entry overide an ESNAP selection. For example, you have a LINE that you highlight with GRIPS showing then make one end HOT as to drag it to one side making the line different in length. In ACAD, the grip that is made HOT still has its ENDPOINT SNAP showing but the displacement entry at the COMMAND line overides it giving the desired result. Can the same effect be created in ICAD?

Why is something telling me that the problems are linked to the DRAGMODE bug?

Oooo.... just a quicky.

I noticed today that when attempting a scale command and using the base scale option, you cannot select the base scale option if DRAGMODE is OFF.

I wonder if the programmers of ICAD know about these faults?

Well thanks for reading....


Neil D.

Hello, its me again.

I've just had another look at ACAD's sysvar's and they've got one called: -

OSNAPCOORD - this allows 3 modes, one of which priorities keyboard entries.

Lookking through ICAD's list I cant find anything similiar.

Just thought i'd share that one.


Neil D.

Just for now i've made F4 toggle the DRAGMODE sysvar to give me a bit more flexibility whilst drawing.

I've put a prompt in the command bar after the change and its not transparent so if the wrong mode is selected during a command, it defaults to you having to restart the command.

What I would like to do in the meantime is to put a DRAGMODE or DRAGGING text in the STATUS BAR (bit like the ESNAPS and ORTHO etc). This way I can have a quick visual to see what mode I am in. Dont suppose this is a customisable feature is it?

Thanks for replying.


Neil D.

I have had similar experience with dragmode. My lisp for changing it uses (setvar "colorx=?") to change the UCS icon color as an indicator - needs a command "redraw" to update the icon.
Has anyone else found that dragging dimensions with dragmode on crashes Icad after a few goes? (one of the few things I can guarrantee will crash it)