Using the Latest PE version of IntelliCAD, Win98SE, HP1220C printer have the following problem.

I have been using images in drawings before but have not ecountered the following until now:

Drawing has title block, two images are inserted within the title block borders (jpeg format, have not tried another format). A print preview shows the print as being fine however when the drawing is printed a faint duplicate of the images shows up in the print, the duplicate is shifted from the original. Very strange.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you,



I have found what causes the "shadow" image. Here is the drawing setup:

Title Block with two images inserted:

images are jpeg format 250 to 300 kb each. Images are 8"x10" inserted with choosing inches parameter during insertion in dialog box. Images appear to print fine if they are not altered from inserted state. If one or both of the images are scaled (didn't try this with only one image in drawing) then when the drawing is printed the "shadow" image appears.

I have duplicated this with a new drawing. I can email a drawing if necessary, however, it does not appear to be drawing specific.

Any other thoughts?

Thank you again,