doing things in the z plane

I'm evaluating the new free release and would like to know if these problems exist in the PE version or if I am just doing it wrong.

Basically, I am having trouble doing things in relation to the z plane.

If I am in the xy plane with z=0 then all the functions seem to work as expected.

If z is not equal to zero the trim function doesn't behave. It will delete the wrong side of the cut line and I can not trim any z axis lines (0 length error)

Also, I can not use offset with 3d objects. Offset will not work with lines either in the z plane or offset xy lines along the z plane.

And lastly, I can not dimention along the z axis.

Any help would be appreciated.


I'll have to play with the trimming to see what you are talking about. The offset will only work in the xy plane but you could change your UCS if needed. You could also use copy instead of offset with the x and y being 0 and giving it a z depth. EX: copy (select item) 0,0,3 will give you a copy of your exact entity at a z depth of 3. I use this method often when needing a z offset.



I will try the UCS.

Will this also help the dimensioning?

Also, I've been having a **** of a time getting the hatching to work with the 3d images. For me to do what I need, I have to explode the 3d shapes. When I select an area or pick the boundry points I keep getting invalid area selected. Does this require a UCS change as well?

And hopefully the last question. I tried the hiding function and find that once you explode the 3d shape it will not work. I guess that is understandable. Is there anyway to "put it back together?"


Dimensioning in 3D requires that you rotate the UCS. Dimensioning only works in the XY plane. I have done some dimensioning in 3D and it appears to work okay. The one thing that I noticed is that the dimension text appears in the wrong location when the dimension is being placed but is put correctly once the command is finished.

I too experience the frustrations of trimming in 3D. Depending on the view the line will trim correctly or not. The trim function will not trim to a selected trim boundary if said boundary is in the Z-direction. Maybe someone else knows the ins and outs of trimming in 3D??? Another option is to use the break command using first and second picks at the same point and then erase the unwanted part or you could strecth the line. Another point the trim will not work if the boundary is not a line.

This has been my experience,